In my experience there is something special in accessing imaginative play within set boundaries, which makes exploring drama with learners with autism a successful combination.

So why JEDAA?

  • JEDAA can help a learner you know ‘find their voice’.
  • JEDAA can help a learner ‘have their moment’.
  • JEDAA can ‘engage’ a learner in an activity when you didn’t think it was possible.
  • JEDAA can unlock the creative imagination of a learner beyond expectation.
  • JEDAA can improve language and communication skills in new ways.

Why Speech Bubble

‘It was absolutely amazing, I can’t believe how much you’ve fitted in such a short space of time and just how well you’ve got to know our young people and their individual needs, it was brilliant. In this they were working together with everybody else which is usually a challenge for them and even the turn taking and following the whole process, you’d got the right structure in place for them to follow without it looking stilted which was brilliant’.

Head of ASD learning at Northgate School Arts College, Northampton.


“The workshop was pitched perfectly to our students. The delivery was amazing, all students participated and left the workshop smiling and with a deepened understanding of themselves as performers”.

Liana Sadler Class Teacher

Broomhill Bank School, Tunbridge Wells