How does JEDAA achieve fantastic outcomes:

  • By clearly defining the space into 3 separate areas, the circle, the audience line and ‘in the space’, the boundaries are set for creative and safe ‘playful’ work.
  • Using well tested activities, games and exercises developed and crafted over 15 years experience.
  • Allowing the learners free unpressured thinking time to develop their own ideas.
  • Using skilled in-role work and storytelling.
  • Using an advanced level of improvisational skills to accept and expand upon creative ideas offered by the learners in the group.


“Some of the children don’t have their imagination brought out like that, with certain students coming out with their own ideas which was breathtaking”.

David Reader- Eagle Class Teacher – Tettenhallwood School Wolverhampton


“While I was Headteacher at Walkwood Middle School in Redditch, Joe delivered several workshops for our pupils. The work was outstanding; capturing the attention of all the children – some with quite extreme needs. Joe England’s enthusiasm and uninhibited presentation evoked a “Pied Piper” effect, with the children eagerly following him into some of the more complex aspects of Shakespeare and their own feelings and emotions.

Apart from being tremendous value to the pupils, these workshops were thoroughly enjoyed by both staff and pupils. I sat in and shared the occasion as often as I could!”

Peter Garner, Headteacher