Welcome to JEDAA – Joe England Drama and Autism.

JEDAA provides drama workshops for learners with autism, and CPD training for teachers wanting to expand their practice of using drama with those on the autism spectrum. JEDAA’s philosophy is that structured imaginative play can enhance the development of those on the autism spectrum, in a multitude of ways.

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Drama workshops for learners with Autism

Tailored workshops to the requirements of your group. Read more on the ‘Workshop’ page.

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Drama and Autism CPD training

Striving to expand teachers practice using Drama with learners with Autism. Read more on our ‘CPD’ page.

‘Drama is an excellent way for young people with autism to develop their flexibility of thought as well as their social and communication skills. I have seen young people flourish during interactive drama sessions and form relationships that in the past may have been very challenging for the students to form. I have seen young people smile and use their imagination to be creative with the guidance of a drama specialist. The most beneficial aspect of the drama sessions I have witnessed has been how much fun the young people have when engaged and how much they look forward to drama. Finally, I have found specialist drama techniques have supported my teaching sessions and allowed me to form stronger relationships with students’

Greg Davies, ASC Tutor, Royal College, Seashell Trust, Cheadle, Cheshire


Jedaa Knight

……the interactive Jedaa Knight can be incorporated into your workshops.